Why RTX 3060 TI is Best Graphics Cards In 2021

NVIDIA announced their RTX 3000 series of cards and judging by the specs and the price, the 3060 TI is poised to be a powerhouse card. It will be able to power any graphics-heavy application, including 4K video games and streaming, with ease.

The new RTX series cards were announced on 20th December last year with a promise of 10x faster performance than present-day graphics cards. NVIDIA claims that this AI-powered card will cost as much like a normal GTX one which would be less than $300 at some point in 2021.

Why We Chose The Best RTX 3060 TI GPU in 2021?

We know that in 2021 and 2024, NVIDIA will unveil their Turing-based cards which promise to be up to 30% faster than their current cards. So we can expect that there will be a huge demand for the RTX 3060 TI. The NVIDIA RTX 2070 Ti and RTX 2080 would both cost less than $300 when they are released in 2021 and 2024 respectively. So if we want the best card which is also good enough for our needs, we can get the RTX 3060 TI right now.

Things To Consider for Rtx 3060 ti graphics card

The RTX cards are not designed to be super high-end, but more so for the person with a mid-range budget who still wants to play the latest games in decent settings. It is designed to be the best GPU for most games in the next 2 years with most games being able to run at 60fps on 4K. The real question then is what you should be looking out for in an RTX 2060 TI graphics card, how much do you need to spend, and what is the best brand available?

When it comes time to consider, choosing a graphics card (or any PC component) there are three things that you want to make sure of before spending money: performance, reliability, and value. Of course, in a best-case scenario, the variable cost is the lowest. But for this article, we will take a look at each card to understand its performance and purpose.

Right now the only card that NVIDIA has released is the RTX 2060. This card has been popular among gamers who like games like PUBG and Fortnite, however, there are some bad points about this model: it lacks the ray tracing technology and requires a 6-pin PCIe power connector. The RTX 2060 is targeted at gamers who play games like PUBG and Fortnite, but that does not mean that this will be their ideal choice.

Clock Speeds of Rtx 3060 ti Graphics Card

The RTX 2060 unlike the other cards in the series is not just an update to the previous line-up. This card is currently the only card in the RTX series, and it features 3072 CUDA cores, which is about 25% more than its predecessor (the GTX 1060). It also features 6 GB of GDDR6 VRAM which has a clock speed of 14 Gbps. The RTX 2060 can reach higher clock speeds compared to its predecessor (1815 MHz) when you overclock it.

What’s interesting about this card is that when it comes to memory bandwidth, it has 256 Gbps compared to 192 Gbps on the GTX 1060.

VRAM of Rtx 3060 ti Graphics Card

The VRAM on the RTX 2060 is now GDDR6 VRAM which is not as fast as HBM2 VRAM but it still performs very well. In terms of performance, this card beats the GTX 970 and can go toe-to-toe with a GTX 980. In many benchmarks, it has been shown to perform slightly better than the GTX 1070. One thing that RTX cards have going for them is their high memory bandwidth, but with a 256-Bit bus, this card doesn’t come close to a Radeon VII or a GTX 1080 Ti.

Final Word for This Graphics Card

For most people, RTX 2060 will be more than enough for any new high-end graphics card. If you can find a deal that includes a new RTX 2060 and a good 4K monitor, then it would be worth buying this card. Right now there is not much difference between an RTX 2070 and an RTX 2060 and one of the only differences is that 2070 can run at higher clock speeds. But if you don’t already have a 4K monitor, the 2060 will be able to play all games at 4K on ultra settings with no problem. It is not worth upgrading from a GTX 1070 to getting an RTX 2070 because of this small difference in clock speeds. Then you should consider to buy Rtx 3060 ti.

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