5 Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India (Update 2021-2022)

If you’re a parent who wants to give your children an education that can help them succeed in life, then you should know about the importance of the best online learning platforms for kids. For many people, this is one of the most important investments they can make. However, there are so many platforms out there that it’s hard to find the best one for your child. But fear not! I’ve made a list of 5 online learning platforms for kids in India which will give your child a head start in life.

  1. byju’s app
  2. Vedantu app
  3. WhiteHat Jr
  4. ChuChu TV
  5. Kindergarten Kids Learning App

Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India
1) byju’s app:
byju’s app is an online learning platform for kids which helps children develop their math skills, learn Hindi, English, and computers. There are also games where kids can play drawing, coloring, and other activities. The app has an interactive lesson that lasts for several weeks. Children can watch the lesson at any time on their smartphones at no extra cost.

The main feature of byju’s? It takes very little time to complete the lessons, rather than other platforms like whitehat jr it requires 5-7 years to complete all the lessons that are available on the online learning platform. At this point in time, there is no limit on the number of lessons you can take (only 3 per week).
2) Vedantu app:
Vedantu is an online learning platform for kids which helps you with the study of languages along with the study of maths. The users have a choice of 2 lessons per day. The lessons are divided into different modules, where they can choose from different modules based on their needs. For example, if a child wants to focus more on Hindi, they can choose Hindi modules and learn from there.
3) WhiteHat Jr :
Whitehat jr is an online learning platform for kids which has a very simple interface and a cartoon character that teaches children good habits. The good thing about it is that the user only has to pay once instead of having to pay each month for multiple months after finishing the course.
4) ChuChu TV:
ChuChu TV is an online learning platform that has its own cartoon character, Grruki. After the user finishes the lesson, they can then watch the lesson again and learn it.
5) Kindergarten kids app:
Kindergarten kids is an online learning platform for children 5-11 years old. The user only has to pay Rs 35 for a full year of lessons on this app. Each lesson lasts about 15 minutes and there are 40 lessons available on this app each day.
The List of Best Online Learning Platforms For Kids In India For Free! and its available in playstore.
You can learn things the way you want to learn them. There are so many online learning sites for kids in India who can teach kids any subject at very low costs.

Choose whatever app to educate your child but choose right one its your choice so read article properly and be good parents.

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